Dear Colleagues,

As our clients' expectations for the standard of care that their pets receive increases, so does the pressure to refer when faced with those difficult cardiorespiratory cases that come around every now and then to keep us humble. Borders Cardiology Services may be able to provide referral cardio-respiratory diagnostics and case management advice within your own practice. In addition to offering weekly appointments in Stirling and Aberdeen, I also see cases at over 30 different veterinary practices across Scotland. I would be happy to discuss the possibility of coming to see cases in your practice.

Diagnostic services that can be provided include electrocardiography (6 or 12 lead as required), colour Doppler echocardiography, 24-hour holter ECG recording and analysis, blood pressure measurement, pulse oximetry, radiographic interpretation, tracheobronchoscopy and airway sampling. I also have access to specialist imaging equipment(CT and MRI) and a fluoroscopy suite in Dunfermline which gives me the option of carrying out interventional procedures siuch as tracheal stenting if required.

We are well aware of the headaches that referring a case can cause a busy practitioner. Our aim is to provide an in-house referral service that you will find both useful and easy to use and that your clients will find friendly and informative. A positive referral experience reflects well, not just on us, but on everyone involved in the referral process and we aim to provide this in every case.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspects of these service further

Craig Devine BVSc.DVC.MRCVS
RCVS Diplomate in Veterinary Cardiology

Borders Cardiology Ltd
21 South Back Road
ML12 6HD