Borders Veterinary Cardiology doesn't just perform cardiology, we also perform specialist Respiratory Medicine

Aside from radiographic interpretations, specialist respiratory medicine diagnostics include tracheobronchoscopy and airway sampling. We are also happy to accept thoracic radiographs by post for interpretation.

Here is a short video of a bronchoalveolar lavage in a spaniel. A 5mm thin flexible endoscope is used to examine the airways. A small amount of sterile fluid is then instilled and aspirated and sent for analysis to help determine the underlying causes of airway disease.

A dorsoventral radiograph x-ray photo) demonstrating a severe pneumonia in a grey seal pup in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Scotland. Verminous pnumonia is particularly common in wild seals.


Rhinoscopic view of a nasal carcinoma in a cat before biopsy.

Severe lungworm infection as visualised on bronchoscopy.